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Foiled Tudor boards are the ideal solution for replacement of decorative timber features on the walls of traditional properties and the addition of period charm to newly built homes. It is available in four woodgrain finishes including mahogany, oak, black and rosewood.

We currently supply a UPVC board which is foiled to match UPVC windows and fascia boards, foiled tudor beams are avaialble in the same colour as our Open V Cladding.  We have a full selction of samples available to make sure you get the right match.




We offer 150mm x 22mm Tudor board made from uPVC which is designed to replace tudor timber boards with a maintainance free solution.

Our Tudor Boards are 5m in length and measure 150mm wide x 22mm thick. The Tudor is foiled on 3 edges to provide a perfect finish and is available in BlackRosewoodLight Oak and Mahogany.  The 150mm Rosewood Tudor Board is becoming increasingly popular around the UK.  Ideal for replacing traditional timber Tudor boards or giving a newly built home a new dimension.  All Tudor boards are protected by Heat Shield technology and are 5m in length.  You have the option of solid or T&G backing boards, most people will go for either a white o cream backing boards to compliment the tudor beams.

Foiled Tudor Beams
Colour options for UPVC Foiled Fudor Beams









So if you have had enough of stripping the old wood down and re painting every year, it’s time to get a quote on maintenance free foiled Tudor beams and backing boards.  Not only does upvc foiled tudor beams look good it is the best long term solution to your old rotten wood.

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